The privacy policy referred to in eRinjani is applicable reference and use of data and information Important for eRinjani Users. Data and information that has been collect when registering, accessing, and use services on eRinjani, such as address, location, contact number, address e-mail, photos, pictures, and so on.

These policies include:

  1. eRinjani is subject to personal data protection policies Users as regulated in the Regulations Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number 20 of 2016 Concerning Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems which regulates and protects the use of important data and information the Users.
  2. eRinjani protects all information provided by users on during registration, access and use all eRinjani services.
  3. eRinjani protects all personal rights arising from information regarding a product displayed by eRinjani service users, in the form of photos, usernames, logos, location and etc.
  4. eRinjani has the right to use User data and information for the sake of improve the quality and service at eRinjani.
  5. eRinjani is not responsible for the data exchange that is carried out itself among Users.
  6. eRinjani can only disclose the data and information that is owned by Users if required and / or requested by the competent institution based on legal provisions in effect, an official order from the Court, and / or an official order from the agency or apparatus concerned.
When using our Rinjani Routrack App

Personal Data may be collected through the normal operation of our app. Some examples are:

  1. Your GPS location (to detect trekker current location when in trekking)
We use your data to ensure the safety and security of our Services and all users. This includes:
  1. Using device location to record your trekking route history for rescue action.
  2. Sharing your device location among your trekking group to help your team coordination when trekking.
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